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About Me

I am a Manchester based Front-End Developer, Data Scientist and Digital Artist. I work freelance & contract for my company AvocadoGreen

I've been paid as a Front-End Developer, Data Scientist, Project Manager, Hiring Manager, Social Media Manager, Digital Artist, Business Developer and more. I appreciate that's a bit much!

In my spare time I organise PyDataMCR, teach mathematics and win pub quizzes. I write blogs about agile working, recruitment and beyond over here.



Front-End Developer, Project Director, Data Scientist

Since 2018 I have been working freelance for a collection of clients.

As a Front-End Developer I work with clients to bring Digital Art experiences into reality.

As a Project Manager, I always bring an agile approach to work. Where it is lacking, I install it. Expect regular updates on timelines and work completed.

As a Data Scientist I work with companies to create prototype projects and help the industry dip into the world of Machine Learning.

N Brown PLC

Senior Front End Developer

At this fashion retailer I developed a credit application product, and lead Spotify-style guilds. I stayed for 5 months, before moving on with pre-covid travel plans.

Developed and maintained products within a Next app, writing React, Redux and TypeScript.

Tests were written in Jest, RTL and Cypress.

A component library with developed in-tandem with Storybook.

Developed Guilds with daily programming challenges, weekly developer activities and monthly speaker slots at community events.


Front End Developer

At Telux I participated in the creation of a React project to manage different types of telephones owned by a company.

Noticing a lack in product ownership I performed the requirements gathering, ticket breakdown of tasks and managed the expectations of the larger business. I managed a weekly mastery time session where I focused on individuals weaknesses and set up sessions of teaching, presenting as well as weekly challenges to grow the team.

I introduced tooling such as: linting, automated testing, pre-commit hooks, deployments as well as Visual Regression testing.

Data Scientist

Working in Data Science at Laterooms has given me an oppurtunity to apply my tools as a Software Engineer to a more mathematical and academic field.

In my time here I have worked on the Hotel Ranking Algorithm, MLWords (A project which automates the generation of AdWords Campaigns), and many smaller investigations and models.

Front End Developer

Managed the creation of all new cobrands for the company as well as the removal of redundant cobrands. We use Agile methodologies to work in a large team without conflict in HTML, SCSS and JS.

I am a big believer in User Experience and have given two brown bags "How to fake it til you make it: a case study" and "CSS as a digital art form".




University of Manchester

September 2013 - June 2017

2:1 BSc Computer Science and Mathematics With Industrial Experience

Mainly focused on Graph Theory, Discrete Mathematics as well as Computer Vision, Artifical Intelligence and User Experience. My final project Change Detection in Live Video.

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